If I Hired a Tutor, How Much Would That Increase Their Chances of Getting Into Their Dream School?


Disclaimer: there are no guarantees in life (besides the whole death and taxes thing).

If a tutoring company guarantees a certain amount of score increase, run. Not only can you not warrant a score jump, there’s other factors involved such as: learning style, personality, work ethic, previous comprehension, motivation, etc.

These days getting into your dream school isn’t a mystery anymore. College Simply provides the SAT and ACT score you need to achieve to be highly considered for admission of your desired school.

Beyond there you just have to figure out which test to focus on: SAT or ACT?

You may be asking: how do I go about that? Have your child take the practice test for both here — SAT & ACT.

Then if there is a clear distinction your answer is clear, but if not there are some differences that work better to your preferences.

Let me take a step back and challenge you with a different approach: what is your child interested in doing as a career? Identify that first, then start looking for colleges that have his/her major.

The concept of a dream school needs to be defined. Will attending that school give you an advantage to landing your dream job or is the location, sports team or closest friends attending driving your decision?

The answer to that question is a huge discrepancy.

As the owner of an online tutoring company I’ll be the first to say college isn’t for everyone. College isn’t always the direct path to your professional career.

But if you’ve decided college is the next step, what matters most in hiring a test prep tutor is the following: 1) knowledge/experience 2) compatibility with your child’s personality 3) availability.

Don’t overlook #1, but what normally separates a slight improvement from a significant one is tutor-student chemistry. In fact, when I worked at a tutoring company one of my gripes is that they didn’t spend enough time or energy on the matching process.

Choosing the right tutor will increase the chances of your child getting into their dream school because they will be more motivated and engaged to learn the strategies needed to score higher on the SAT or ACT.

The average parent wants to see stats about how much of a score increase will happen, but that data is infused with subjectivity. Tutoring is most effective when it is customized to the learning style of the student.

In fact the right tutor will not only help your child increase their test scores, but their grades, study habits and confidence.

As a parent, any investment needs to have a tangible ROI and in this case having your child being paired with the right tutor is priceless.

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Scott Asai

Helping people develop their leadership skills to advance in their career

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