Which Test Prep Company Should I Choose?


I used to think online dating was a fad…but it’s not.

When I first think of tutoring I imagine face-to-face in my home, but that’s changed too.

With today’s technology the argument for online tutoring is just better. Tutors don’t have to commute (cuts down on price), real-time screen sharing is more effective than looking at two laptops simultaneously in person (tutor-student), plus it’s more convenient for both parties (all your location needs is wi-fi).

When it comes down to choosing which tutoring company to work with, ask what the USP (unique selling proposition) is. What makes you stand out from the competition?

If the answer is: we have/hire the best tutors, that’s as generic as you can get. I mean who’s going to say otherwise?

I can’t speak for the rest, but at Growing Forward Academy we’re about the match.

Go back to the online dating analogy. I’ve hired and/or worked with all the tutors on our team. Each tutor has a profile and when a parent contacts us about their kid, we build a student profile on the phone. We offer a free 30 minute meet and greet with a suggested tutor before you commit to paying.

Is it more time consuming for us? Yes, but in my experience what goes wrong in tutoring has more to do with chemistry than competence.

Adding this extra step at the beginning helps the student and parent try out the fit before buying. In the end, this ensures a better success rate because a student who actually likes his/her tutor will be more motivated, engaged and ultimately perform optimally.

Our focus here is quality, not quantity. Bigger tutoring companies have tons of tutors working for them, but there’s no science to matching tutor to student besides scheduling availability. Private in-home tutors provide no choice. You either like them or you don’t. Driving distance can also be a demise.

Test prep (SAT/ACT) has more to do with demystifying the test than the actual content. What a great tutor will do is equip your son/daughter with the tools to identify what problems can be decoded and give them the confidence to be clear and decisive while taking the test (lessen anxiety).

Let me go a step further into research. Tutors are a dime a dozen. What also makes a tutor great is the environment they are working in. At Growing Forward Academy we are committed to taking care of our tutors. Our motto is simple: we take care of our tutors and they take care of our students.

Tutors are rarely in it for the money. Their motivation is to help students. Our aim is to remove all the distractions so our tutors can do their best work. Culture matters.

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