Why You Should Be Casting the Customer As The Star


Companies are quick to point out why they’re the star and you should do business with them.

But aren’t you tired of that annoying person in the room shouting at the top of their lungs?

That’s what businesses do. They talk about what makes them better, why you should choose them and what differentiates them from the competition.

As an entrepreneur, I’m guilty of that too.

But as a customer, what if the focus was on you?

Steve Bryant eloquently makes the point in this article.

Since your product or service is geared towards customers, then shouldn’t your marketing focus on them too?

For example, if you start pushing your product/service on someone before you establish any rapport why would someone buy from you? (I wouldn’t)

You and I buy what saves us time, money and makes us better. If you feel a product/service resonates with you there’s a good chance you’ll become a customer.

Too many instances companies cast themselves as the star, when they should be giving that title to their customers.

Currently I own an online tutoring company geared towards SAT/ACT Prep.

I don’t do the tutoring because I’m not trained in it (nor do I have a desire to do it), but I have a group of talented and experienced tutors working with me.

On the other side I communicate with parents of high school students about their needs, goals and challenges. It’s my job to support both the tutors and parents as the middleman.

Without tutors and parents I don’t have a business. Therefore both the tutors and parents are the stars of the company. My role is to defer credit to them while managing the structure that makes the machine run.

It’s easy to play the co-star if you understand the big picture.

At Growing Forward Academy, we aim to pair the right tutor with your student. Our process includes an extra step to ensure chemistry breeds confidence.

In a service business you have to be comfortable enough to defer power.

I’m happy to play the supporting role…it makes the stars shine even brighter that way.

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Scott Asai

Helping people develop their leadership skills to advance in their career

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