Why Failure Is Important In Tutoring


You read it right.

Step back for a moment and think back to how you learned a new skill.

Did you get it right on the first try?

Did you receive help from someone else?

Did you feel like quitting at one point?

Failure is the prerequisite to growth. You may hate the journey until you reach the destination.

Parents hire tutors to give their child an advantage academically. What matters though is: how willing the tutor is to allow the student to fail.

The tutor doesn’t take the test. The student does. If your child is dependent on their tutor for the right answers, they’ll underperform on test day.

Understanding the problem and identifying the right steps to take when solving is what gets results. But in order for this process to work, students have to be given the opportunity to make mistakes.

The best advice given is helping you come to your own conclusion. There’s buy-in. Ownership is taken. If someone tells you what to do, you become dependent on that person going forward.

In tutoring that is a recipe for disaster.

Growing Forward Academy adheres to a coaching philosophy. Our tutors are motivated to help your child, but not become a crutch along the way. True growth comes from experiencing struggle.

Don’t get it twisted, we’re no masochists. We just believe learning happens at the point of resistance. Once the student is hungrier than the teacher, results naturally appear.

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Scott Asai

Helping people develop their leadership skills to advance in their career

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