Why Online Tutoring Is The New Black Of Education


Traditional education has a huge disadvantage: size.

Even when decreasing the student to teacher ratio individualized learning cannot occur.

It’s not the teacher’s fault. It’s a numbers game stacked against instructors.

That’s why online tutoring works. It’s customized learning.

Besides instructor knowledge there are a couple of factors that determine how much student’s comprehend: personality and learning style.

First, teenagers need to like their tutor. That doesn’t mean best friends, but there has to be some point of connection both can build on.

Second, a tutor needs to be able to identify very quickly how a student learns. When I interview tutors to join the team one of the questions I ask is, “Explain your teaching philosophy/style as a tutor. How does it change depending on the student’s learning style?”

The answer to that question lets me know if they are able to think on their feet and adjust to the student, not the other way around.

Most students these days have busy schedules. We work with student athletes, boarding schools and highly academically-driven individuals that need flexibility in meeting times.

That’s why we have tutors spread across the different time zones to accommodate their needs.

Learning isn’t something that can be forced. If so, students reject it.

Instead focusing on learning style, personality and priorities make a student more committed, engaged and motivated to do the work to get the desired results.

Education isn’t going anywhere, but the way we consume it is shifting.

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Scott Asai

Helping people develop their leadership skills to advance in their career

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