Is SAT ACT Tutoring Worth The Cost?


If you type in “SAT Tutor” in Google, the auto-suggestion goes to “Is SAT tutoring worth the cost?

Coming from the mouth of a former tutor, her points are valid.

There’s a range of students from “I don’t care” to self-motivated. The group in the middle are the ones who benefit the most.

Like most things in life, the investment comes down to how committed your child is to working hard. Any coach in sports can provide guidance and strategy (yet while talent separates the good from great), work ethic still rules.

Are there enough free resources out there to improve your score alone? Yes.

Will most students take advantage of that? No.

As someone who has coached many people providing accountability is where the real value lies.

The first question we ask is: what are your goals?

Those include scores, dream schools, grades, etc.

Just like any gym has the equipment to get you in shape, it doesn’t drive you there and make you workout.

Tutoring is worth the cost when your child wants it. They’ve come to the point where they’ve reached their peak and need a tutor to bring them to the next level.

As the owner of a tutoring company I’ll be the first to say it’s expensive…but it depends on what your child is willing to put into it. If their priority is elsewhere and scheduling a session is difficult then save your money. Everyone is busy. You make time for what is important.

This really is a personal question. If I were you I’d sit down with your child and ask them if they’re open and willing to work with a tutor. You may not like their answer, but it may save you money and you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

Ownership is the difference maker here.

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Scott Asai

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