Creating A Sales Free Process

A few months ago I attended a Hubspot event on Inbound Marketing. One of the topics they discussed was creating a “sales-free process” for your customers.

Online stores like Amazon, & Carvana allow you purchase goods without ever speaking to salesperson. In the service industry this seems impossible, but it’s not.

While watching an episode of Shark Tank the idea hit me: model it around an online dating site.

Our differentiator is matchmaking. We pair the right tutor with your child’s personality and learning style.

Online dating sites start with creating an online profile and once there is a fit you are contacted to act.

That’s it.

This Google Form will change the game for us.

It allows parents to answer the same questions I would ask on a phone consultation, but on their own terms. After receiving their responses I can choose the tutor that fits best with their needs. Next, a free 30 minute video meet and greet is set up with the tutor, student and parent to test chemistry.

Now the first time I speak with the parent it’s to see how the introductory session went. We construct a program and get started from there.

From the outside this may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Companies are always searching for ways to engage customers without feeling the pressure of being sold to. Offering our student profile form does just  that.

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Scott Asai

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