Right Vs. Wrong: Which Strategy Is Better For The SAT/ACT?

The SAT/ACT is different from any other test you’ll take in high school.

Myth: the SAT/ACT is a measurement of your math and reading/grammar skills.

False. Understanding how the test is made is more important than knowing the subject matter.

For most multiple choice tests it’s smarter to look for the correct answer, but with the SAT/ACT it’s just the opposite: identify the wrong answers and eliminate them immediately.

Our tutors will teach you how to identify the types of questions on the test so you can get rid of 2 wrong answers which doubles your probability of getting the right answer.

Imagine your odds on each question improving from 25% to 50%!

The elimination strategy is key to finishing each section with enough time to both skip difficult sections then go back plus re-check your work.

In fact the practicality of this strategy can also be applied to other subjects. Instead of choosing the right answer, narrow down your selections by taking out wrong ones first.

Rarely does any student know every answer on the test, but there’s no reason why you can’t learn how to eliminate half of the wrong answers from each question in seconds.

The SAT/ACT is really a numbers game (not only the math parts). Every student can improve their score with the elimination strategy.

Contact us and we’ll teach you how!