Why Your Company Story Matters

The About Us Page.

Normally scrolled over, but the “why” behind what you do matters.

Let me explain.

Sales is what separates a hobby from a business, but what makes a customer choose you over the competition can be the story of how you started.

Recently I shared about my (SAT/ACT prep) company to a group of high school parents online. The positive responses from moms who messaged me were about me and my values as a person, not about price or other differentiators.

What that told me is when my story connects to my customers it positively impacts them. If what I value speaks to the heart of an individual it is the deciding factor.

Another business I run, Behind My Brand, believes in the same theory: when people fall in love with your story, they buy your product/service.

The average consumer is way more savvy these days. They want to know the origin of what they’re buying. Clarifying your story can be the difference.

Whenever you hear culture, mission or core values of a company it means alignment – personal with organizational. If there’s no overlap, the best you can expect is a simple transaction.

I want to fall in love with a creator’s story. If I do, I will follow and support them.

I think you want that too.

Story matters.

A lot.

Why I Started An Online Tutoring Company

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I am not a tutor. I have no prior experience. I worked at a test prep company, but don’t have any desire to teach students academically.

I share this because my reasons for starting an online tutoring company are different from most. My background is in leadership development and coaching. If you’re familiar with Simon Sinek, my “why” and “how” are clear, it’s the “what” that changes.

In this case a lot of my decision comes down to demand. Test prep and tutoring is a crowded space, but there are plenty of customers who need help. Tutoring isn’t a concept you have to explain, it comes down to why someone should choose you.

Building relationships and developing people has always been at the core of who I am. Every experience, both professionally and personally, has centered around people. That is going to equip me to run a successful company because a service is about people.

As a middle man I serve two groups: tutors and parents/students. As long as I keep both sides happy we’re in business. My philosophy is simple: take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers (Human Sigma).

I enjoy recruiting talent and supporting team members. In fact I remotely managed 30 full time employees at a previous job well (check out my recommendations on LinkedIn). On the other hand I have experience working with youth and families. In this case the student is your client, while the parent is your customer. The key to success is managing the relationships.

Starting any business isn’t easy, but knowing your strengths and maximizing them gives you a huge advantage. This is an opportunity to make an impact in student’s futures. Our approach to tutoring is different (read here).

I intend to invest in our people which will invest in our students. If we do that, finances will take care of themselves. Launching something new is always risky, but if you never try how will you know what can be accomplished?

I’m ready to go. Will you join us?